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We're four smart guys who care about our work, know how to ship software fast & we enjoy working with smart clients to explore interesting ideas, use technology to solve their problems or build great projects together.
Clients say we're 2-3 times faster than other teams and that we ship top-notch quality day in, day out.

Some of the projects we’ve built

Pathee helps you find your purpose in life by nudging you to honestly answer this simple question every day - a question deceivingly simple, yet incredibly profound.

Concept Discovery Design Native iOS App
The problem

We tend to get lost in our daily grind and lose track of the bigger picture - the path we really wish to go on. We don’t realize how bad the situation we are in is until it’s too late.

The solution

Based on a habit that Steve Jobs had, Pathee asks you at a time that’s convenient for you, it helps you keep track of your answers, and it shows you the bigger picture, so you’ll know when it is the time to change something about your life.

Growth driven, analytics packed, beautifully designed websites in less than 30 days 🚀

Concept Discovery Design Website Development
The problem

As Boosted's main product is website development - a very crowded market - it needed a homepage that successfully highlighted the quality of the end product and why customers should choose it over the competition.

The solution

Using state of the art web technologies, we have designed and built a heavily animated and interactive website that displays beautifully on every screen size - a huge leap in performance over similar implementations.

Lifebox.mobi is the easiest way to collect lots of photos from lots of people, without anyone needing to create accounts or download apps.

Concept Discovery Design Website Backend Development Web Platform
The problem

Collecting the photos your friends or family took is hard - most services degrade the quality of the photos, everyone needs to sign up or download the same app, and most need a Computer Science degree to figure out.

The solution

A really simple web app that allows you to create collaborative albums that your friends and family can easily contribute to. Albums are private, automatically saved, they work on any device and, while more secure than most online services, require no password to log in. It is loved so much by its users that each one of them invites on average 3.17 new users on to platform.

Deliveright helps agencies and freelancers keep a written record of all the client communication, get feedback for images & videos and send really big files. All in a single place.

Concept Discovery Design Website Backend Development Web Platform
The problem

To successfully deliver a visual project, agencies and freelancers need to use a myriad of services and dig through endless email threads for project details, feedback, expired download links, who-said-what, screenshots, all while risking the client to use the work without paying.

The solution

A very secure web app that keeps all the communication in a single, neat place, allows the artist to send really large images & videos, get feedback and approvals on them, all while nothing changes for the clients - they receive and respond to regular emails.

Lifebox 1.0

Lifebox 1.0 is the easiest way to collect the photos you didn't take.

Concept Discovery Design iOS & Backend Development
The problem

The best photos of you are on your friends' phones and it takes ages for them to share the photos with you.

The solution

A very smart app that knows when you've taken photos with your friends and automatically asks you to share the right photos, at the right time, with the right friends, using advanced geolocation techniques.

Won Best Product
Featured On

Your photos and your friends photos all in a single album


The simplest solution for sharing

iLikeIT TV Show

I met a brilliant startup smart enough to dream big, smart enough to realise there's still work to do. Best of luck to @Lifebox

Paul Smith
Ignite 100 Accelerator

Over the years we’ve had the opportunity to build:

  • Social networks
  • Meditation apps
  • Geolocation intensive apps
  • High end websites
  • High end e-commerce stores
  • Auction platforms
  • Comparison apps

All of them built on state-of-the-art, highly scalable technology stacks:


Swift & Objective-C
iOS, Android, Windows Mobile


Cross-Platform Web Apps
Web Apps
Custom Plugins

Front End



Google Analytics
A few others

Back End



Amazon Web Services


Mobile Apps
iOS, Android, Windows Mobile
Web Apps

Who are we?

We’re a well-oiled team of four bad-ass coders and designers that have built fantastic tech products for the past 13 years.
We went through world-class accelerators like Ignite, through funding rounds, and lived & breathed the startup life for a good chunk of time.

How does this help you?

We know how to build stuff, fast - our clients say we are 2-3 times faster than other teams.

And because we’ve built the products in the pressure cooker, you can rely on us to always deliver and to give knowledgeable suggestions on what needs building & what’s the best way to build it.
Also, we don’t just code and design. We ask questions, get data, research if we don’t know, give feedback, all in order to help you build the best product for your clients.

In time and under budget.

How do we work together?

Normal Process
Our process
1We start with a thorough discovery & research phase to understand your market and what you are looking to achieve.
2In close contact with you, we draw higher and higher fidelity mockups until we are both happy with the way your project looks like and behaves.
3Our team then starts crafting every inch of your project, every animation and every interaction until they're perfect. Once both of us love the result, we prepare for and release the product for the whole world to admire.
Simple, quick,
with no overhead
After spending most of our careers in startups, working with many different clients and agencies, we’ve learned what works and what doesn't, what's important, what's efficient and how to reduce overhead to the minimum, so we can deliver the best version of your project in as little time as possible.

No fluff, no BS.
In a nutshell, we care.

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